SpewingMews – The Breakfast Club (of Hentai)

Join us once again with artist SpewingMews as we talk about women drawing hentai, visual novels are not games, and more!

DSANHentai – Jaden Smith lol?

Join us once again with hentai artist DSAN as we talk about.. a lot of random stuff.

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DSAN’s Picarto Stream

Proko Meditation for Artists: Automatic Drawing

PersonalAmi – World of Whorecraft

Join us with renowned Warcraft hentai artist PersonalAmi as we talk about commissioning, what not to do, and lots of Warcraft talk!

Ami’s Patreon

Ami’s Twitter

Ami’s HF Page

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Renezuo – The Birdie Finger

Renezuo joins your hosts Hizzacked and AnimeFlux in a 2018 wrap up episode!

(Not sure what happened to Hizzy’s audio in the first few minutes of this episode, apologies!)

DeliciousOrange – Commissions and Faps!

Join us as we interview the erotic artist known as DeliciousOrange!