DSANHentai – Fuck Bears!

We welcome back one of the original super best friend crew members, DSAN! Join us as we shoot the shit and just generally have a lot of silly fun.

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Brim – Ah, You’re Finally Awake

Our special guest today is BRIM, an incredible published smut author and my very dear friend. I hope you enjoy meeting her!

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BobBQ – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

BobBQ joins us as a long overdue guest on this episode! Follow him on Twitter

BunkWizard – Do What You Love…At All Costs

BunkWizard hangs out in the pub with us to discuss topics most people don’t feel comfortable sharing their true opinions on!

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Sabu – The Old Guard

The one and only SABU joins us on the latest episode of the pub, along with now permanent host Renezuo!

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JiangShi – My Breast Friend Sally

Today we bring a new podcast to talk all about our friend JiangShi‘s new game coming out, My Breast Friend Sally, coming on September 30th!

Sally, a cow-human hybrid girl, is one of many creatures owned by Farmer Edmund. She is a milkmaid, but has “special status” among the other creatures of the farm, as she is quite beautiful.

Ed treats her as his personal companion pet. Ed’s young nephew Jimmy works on the farm, as it’s mostly a family affair. He has come of age and is beginning to take notice of the voluptuous Sally.

His uncle has tasked him with tending to her, but this may prove to be problematic. Can Sally resist Jimmy’s crush for her?


Be sure to add the game to your wish list and be on the lookout for the release on September 30, 2020!

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The Kite – Study Lots!

Our latest guest The Kite comes on to talk about a PLETHORA of different topics related to art and other things!

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ToHDraws – Rotty Tops Zombies or Walking Dead Zombies?

ToHDraws (The Other Half) joins us on this episode to talk about animation, art school, what kind of zombie fucking is acceptable and much more!

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ProjektMelody – California Hot Pocket

ProjektMelody joins us to talk about what it’s like to be a hentai-loving AI in the adult industry!

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